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Get Set for Fall Freeze Checklist

Written by: Hannah Kutner

The temperatures are dropping, and snow is right around the corner. Be prepared for the winter season for your home, animals, and vehicles with this list of crucial tasks and supplies that you may need. Stop by your local JAX to talk to a specialist to make sure you are prepared. 

For the Animals:

It is critical to prepare our outdoor animals for freezing temperatures. It is also important to remember that an animal’s age, breed or illness may impact how they tolerate the cold. Outdoor animals need to consume 25 to 50 percent more calories than usual because the cold weather depletes their energy. 


  • Set out bird feeders
  • Clean out nesting boxes
  • Store away hummingbird feeders
  • Put out heated buckets, de-icers, and mats


  • Livestock feed
  • Bird seed
  • Suet
  • Pet feed
  • Horse blankets
  • Tank heaters and other heating equipment 

Pest and Rodent Control:

Although the colder weather means we finally say goodbye to flies, mosquitoes, and wasps, that doesn't mean that we say goodbye to all pests. Mice, spiders, rats, and other pests come inside to find warmth and shelter from the cold. Be prepared with the right preventative measures for your home. 


  • Set mouse traps
  • Set rat traps (if in the Foothills)
  • Protect stored vehicles from rodents

Recreational Equipment:

Winterizing your boats and RVs means that you’ll be ready to go next year when spring hits. Taking the proper steps for your recreational equipment will save you money and time in the long run.


  • Winterize RV/trailer
  • Drain boat
  • Winterize boat

Vehicle Preparation:

The right equipment and knowledge will help you stay safe on the roads during winter driving. Whether you are driving around town, or on a family trip, these steps and supplies will keep you prepared for the cold and snow.



Watering and Irrigation:


  • Blow out sprinkler system
  • Drain and store hoses
  • Drain and store rain barrels
  • Drain and seal swamp coolers
  • Close yard hydrants
  • Insulate pipes around non-heated areas


  • Backflow preventer 

Yard & Garden Maintenance:

Winterizing your yard and garden now will set you up for success next year. Preparing your yard, plants, trees, and shrubs for the cold temperatures will ensure they stay healthy throughout the season.


  • Final mowing
  • Fall tree trimming
  • Fall watering of trees and shrubs
  • Fall tree planting
  • Fertilize
  • Mulch leaves
  • Clean gutters


  • Yard waste bags

Around the House:

Taking these small steps to prepare your house for the coming freeze can save a lot of worry and hassle in the long run. Making sure you have a stocked supply of these essentials will leave you feeling comfortable and safe when the temperature plummets.


  • Check outside lighting
  • Stock firewood
  • Fill propane tanks
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate around the plumbing
  • Close curtains to insulate windows


  • Propane
  • Extra light bulbs
  • Extra batteries
  • Firewood
  • House heaters
  • Snow shovel
  • Ice melt
  • Ice chipper 

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