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Family & Employee Owned | Est. 1955 | Customer Service 1-800-336-8314

Face Shield with Ratchet-Type Headgear, Clear

by Forney
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Original price $23.99
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SKU 58605

Lightweight design for maximum comfort. WARNING! Not to be used for cutting or brazing.


  • SPECIFICATIONS Lightweight design for maximum comfort Includes tough, non-warping polyethylene visor WARNING! NOT FOR CUTTING OR BRAZING
  • WARNING! According to current ANSI standards, face shields are considered secondary protection requiring the use of protective eyewear or goggles as well. Since the shield does not fully enclose the face, protective eyewear should also be worn to safeguard eyes. Face shield visors are NOT shatterproof. When large objects and/or objects traveling at high rates of speed strike face shields, the visor may break or become compromised and cause injury to the wearer’s face or eyes. Workers should avoid areas where such hazards exist or use extreme caution if they can’t be avoided entirely. Routinely check face shields for damage, and do not wear a face shield that has sustained damage. Workers performing tasks in which flying sparks or particles are present should wear protection to shield their face and head. Visors/face shields do not reflect infrared heat (IR). They are not recommended for use against radiant heat hazard including but not limited to welding applications.
Color: CLEAR

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