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Screen Protector

by Petra
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Original price $29.99
$29.99 - $29.99
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Petra cellhelmet Liquid Glass PRO+ Series CHELLSPHNPRPLS Screen Protector, Clear

Liquid glass Pro+ screen protector from cellhelmet is an invisible, nano liquid. You apply it onto your phone' or watch's glass screen. It fills in any pores or imperfections, then dries and cures to strengthen it on a molecular level. Liquid glass Pro+ also includes a 300 screen repair assured, should it fail to protect your glass. This is a 0.02 oz/0.6 mL vial.


  • Strengthens glass on molecular level
  • Nano coating is 500X thinner than a human hair and invisible to the naked eye
  • Easy to apply - it is simply wiped on, left to dry, then buffed off
  • Cures over the next 24 hr, making it stronger on a molecular level
  • Up to $200 screen repair promise - should it fail to protect glass, user is covered for up to $300 in repair cost, protection coverage is only valid in the USA and must be registered within 30 days of purchase

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