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Family & Employee Owned | Est. 1955 | Customer Service 1-800-336-8314
Family & Employee Owned | Est. 1955 | Customer Service 1-800-336-8314

4-cycle Fuel: 94 Octane Ethanol-free Small Engine Fuel - Quart

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VP's 94 octane 4-cycle fuel is ethanol-free & formulated with higher-grade base stocks + components. It keeps your small engine fuel systems protected, maximizes performance, & extends the engine life of your outdoor power equipment. You'll also get quicker, more reliable starts & better performance from your equipment while avoiding costly repairs due to ethanol damage. VP 4-Cycle Small Engine Fuel contains no oil. It passes the warranty requirements of all 4-cycle engine manufacturers, including Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, Kohler, Honda, & many more.


  • PRODUCT BENEFITS: Made by the fuel experts at VP. We make fuel. That's what we do! Power equipment manufacturers who offer small engine fuel make....power equipment. Would you buy a VP chainsaw? Ethanol-free - prevents ethanol-related corrosion problems & issues that fuel stabilizers can't fix Provides more effortless + reliable starts, burns cleaner, & helps extend the life of your outdoor power equipment Remains stable for 2+ years in the tank & 5+ years in the sealed container Protects fuel systems & saves carburetors - no gummy deposits or varnish Eliminates the need for fuel stabilizers Contains no extra additives - just what is needed. No more - no less.
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Size: QT

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